About Us

My parents opened the store in 1973.  Prior to that they were farmers and Dad opened a Lawn Care business to supplement his growing families income.  The previous Southern States store servicing this area closed around 1970 and they decided to build the store adjacent to our farm house.  Once opened we doubled our size by the early 80's. I have 5 sisters and a brother and we have all worked here at one time or another along with a few of their children.  My Sister, her Husband and my brother are still here with me, however we have many long time employees and all of our current staff are our Bowen's Family.  We are truly blessed.  

In '73 there were farms still on Riva Road including our own.  As time has gone on they have all faded away from this end of Riva Road and we are much less a farm store and more of a lawn and garden - micro farm store. 

Many of our original customers still shop here.  We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new babies that are now producing new grand babies and life's moments.  We have lost some to age and illness but again are blessed to make new ones all the time.